CREATE A new-looking roof, inside and out.

Liqua-Roof is a patented, spray applied, Multi-Coat roofing system designed to dramatically increase the life span of a roof. Our proprietary seven stage process refurbishes the entire roofing system from the underlayment up versus creating the illusion of a new roof by merely coating it. At Liqua-Roof, we offer customers the ability to affordably repair and protect one of life's biggest investments. Contact us for a free estimate from one of our certified application specialists in your area. 

Spray Applied Roofing System - 80% Savings

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Our portfolio includes the successful construction of various projects, including master-planned communities, schools, commercial buildings, office complexes, and more.

Liquid Roofer utilizes a proprietary process for planning, tracking, and executing each construction project regardless of size. We will effectively pinpoint and deliver what's required to meet your clients' needs.

Our consultants have years of trusted knowledge and experience in commercial and residential construction. You will have the opportunity to substantially benefit from their shared expertise.

What's more important than a deadline? Nothing.


Liqua-Roof offers the assurance that our clients can deliver a finished project on time. We have earned a proven track record of maintaining deadlines, even under the most intense time limitations. Allow us to manage all of the details that can often interfere with large construction projects. Your fate shouldn't rely with those who didn't plan for your success.

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Meet Our Team

Ashley Jacobs

Ashley can decipher even the the most complex of blueprints.

  • Project planning
  • On-site management
  • Budgeting & estimating
  • Milestone creation

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Lisa Grow

Lisa is one the most knowledgeable foreman in the business.

Andrew Smith

Andrew is our resident master craftsman, and highly skilled in his trade.

  • Process flow
  • Resource management
  • Paperwork reduction
  • Compliance consulting

patented process

patented seven stage process!